Chai Nat bird park reopens, free entry till end of the month

By Peeranut P.,

BIRD lovers will be pleased to hear that Chai Nat Bird Park, which houses Asia’s largest aviary, has now reopened after being closed since March 20 to prevent the spread of coronavirus, reported this afternoon (June 11, 2020).

Mr Anusorn Nakasai, head of Chai Nat’s Provincial Administration Organization, said the reopening of this popular bird park follows the relaxation of some Covid-19 measures which led to resumption of many services.

While the bird park reopened its doors yesterday, its Space WaterPark that has a giant water slide still remains closed. Entrance is free till the end of this month.

During the several weeks it was shut, the provincial authorities made a huge effort to improve the bird park’s landscape and make it safer for tourists.

At this park there are over 100 bird species living in simulated surroundings which match the natural habitat of the birds. It has more than 60 cages of birds. The birds can be observed both in their simulated environment and in the cages. The two highlights of the park are the vast bird cage which is the largest aviary in Asia, and a freshwater fish aquarium, Wikipedia said.

The Chai Nat Bird Park was built in 1983 and first covered an area of 50 rai (19.76 acres). At present, the park has been developed and extended to 248 rai (98 acres). It has become a major attraction and is a source of tourism income for Chai Nat Province.

Aside from the aviary, there are additional interesting sites to visit such as man-made waterfalls, wonderful gardens, a rabbit park, and a zoo. There are several wild animals present in the zoo such as hog deer, elk deer and mountain goats.

The other important highlight of the park is an aquarium which features several types of freshwater fish species found in Chao Phraya River.


Top: Entrance to Chai Nat Bird Park. Photo: Tourism  Authority of Thailand

Inset: A couple taking photos during a happy outing at this park. Photo:

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