World news

Man who admitted to role in beheading journalist to walk free

A journalist had his head cut off in a graphic video that sent shockwaves worldwide. A letter detailing what happened is now worthless. Daniel Pearl’s life ended in the most violent way at the hands of terrorists who filmed the journalist’s beheading and sent a video to the US consulate in Pakistan. The Wall Street

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Fishermen free three giant whale sharks

By Peeranut P., A FISHERMAN and his crew from Satun province safely released three huge whale sharks that had got entangled in their fishing nets after which they quickly swam off into the open sea, reported yesterday (June 30). Mr Navin Manakitsomboon or Tai Ball, 37, steersman of Por Chok Praphon 1 trawler

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Local news

Faulty ATM spits out free money

By Thai Newsroom Reporters AN UNKNOWN NUMBER of people withdrew cash from an ATM in downtown Ranong last night (June 13) and got the money 10 times as much due to its malfunctioning computer. The ATM installed in front of the Siam Commercial Bank’s branch office in the capital district of the southern province glitched

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