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Cabbies drive woman to provincial home after turning down sex for ride offer

GOING viral in the Thai online world is the kindness of four exhausted taxi drivers who took turns in driving a young woman from Bangkok to Nakhon Sawan after she had been tricked to come to the capital and left stranded with no money and had offered to trade herself for a ride but they had refused to take advantage of her desperation, Sanook.com reported today (Sept. 12, 2020).

Writing about this good deed and sharing it on “Chai Taxing” Facebook page was one of the four cabbies who said they turned down her offer, and even though they were exhausted from driving since morning, they nevertheless pooled in money to fill the gas and together drove her home, taking turns to drive because they were afraid of falling asleep at the wheel.

Nakhon Sawn, a city in lower northern region, is 220 kilometres (137 miles) from Bangkok.

“#Free delivery, this 19 years old woman was fortunate to run into our group, TRC Rangsit. A man had tricked her into coming to Bangkok and took all her money and mobile phone. She was left stranded in Rangsit with no money at all and wanted to ‘trade herself for a ride home.’

“Our group questioned her in detail, and when certain this is definitely not a fraud, pooled in money as much as each one could afford, and drove her to Nakhon Sawan where her relatives safely welcomed her back.

“That many of us drove the youngster back home is because it was midnight and we were exhausted from working since more and were afraid of dozing off while driving, so took turns doing so. #This is a good lesson, she will not be this lucky forever. #May the fellow cabbies who made merit by helping pay for the gas be prosperous in the career, Amen,” is what one of the cabbies wrote.

This good deed made a strong impression online today with netizens saying it was very lucky that this young woman met these good gentlemen who did not take advantage of her.


The Good Samaritan cabbies after they dropped off the young woman at her home in Nakhon Sawan. Thai headline says, “Gentleman cabbies.” Photos: Sanook.com

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