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Shouting match between royalists, demonstrators outside court


AS THE Citizens’ Network to Protect the Monarchy group led by Mr. Anon Klinkaew arrived at Bangkok Southern Criminal Court today (Nov. 25) to submit a letter urging revocation of bail granted to four Section 112, or lese majeste, suspects for participating in the anti-Apec protest they ran into a group of demonstrators and a verbal clash ensued, Matichon newspaper said.

The royalist group urged the court to withdraw bail granted to Ms. Pasarawalee Thanakit-wibulphol, or Mind,  Ms. Thantawan Tualanon, or Tawan, Ms. Nattanich Duangmusit, or Bai Por, and Ms. Netiporn Sanae-sangkhom, or Bung, for allegedly leading the anti-Apec protest.

They added that they will continue to submit letters urging the withdrawal of their bail.

At 1.04 p.m. Anon walked to the area where members of the Independent Group had gathered and as soon as he got near one of them, Ms. Jiratchaya Sakulthong, or Ginny, livestreamed the unfolding verbal clash between the two sides.

Members of the Independent Group repeatedly shouted, “Don’t bully children” and pointed at the royalists.

A little later the police came and told Anon and his royalists to go into the court building. However Anon accused the police of letting the demonstrators verbally abuse him for too long.

Even after the royalists had withdrawn the demonstrators continued to hurl abuses at them. This prompted the former to file a complaint at Yannawa police station.

Later the Centre for Thai Lawyers for Human Rights said Jiratchaya had been arrested but they did not know on what charges. Shortly afterwards Jiratchanya livestreamed via Facebook that the charge was contempt of court issued by Bangkok Southern Criminal Court on October 18.


The verbal clash outside Bangkok Southern Criminal Court today, Nov. 25, 2022. Photos: Matichon

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