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84 Thai women now entrapped in Shan State


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

EIGHTY-FOUR THAI WOMEN are currently entrapped in Myanmar’s Shan State where they had been earlier tempted by call-centre scams and flesh trade rackets, according to Paveena Hongsakul Foundation.

The 84 Thai women reportedly detained by Myanmar authorities in Shan State include 62 females who had been lured into call-centre scams and 22 others into prostitution.

That total did not include three Thai women who had already been rescued by Thai officials after they had been detained in Shan State for four and a half months on illegal entry charges, said foundation chair Paveena Hongsakul.

The trio had been earlier forced into prostitution in Pauktaw township on the Myanmar-Chinese border until they had escaped the flesh trade racket and then been arrested by some Myanmar officials en route to Tachileik township across the Thai-Myanmar border from Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai. Those Myanmar officials had demanded each of the Thai detainees to pay 50,000 baht in exchange for their freedom but finally failed to get the alleged ransom.

Paveena said she plans to consult with Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Foreign Minister Panpree Pahitthanukorn to the extent that some kind of a safehouse be available in Myanmar to accommodate Thai nationals who may have fallen prey to call-centre or flesh trade rackets in Shan State or elsewhere in the neighbouring country and be awaiting a safe return to Thailand.

Many young Thai females have been reportedly tempted or forced into call-centre scams and prostitution in Shan State’s Kengtung, Laukkaing and Pauktaw townships, among others.


Top: Ms. Paveena Hongsakul with three Thai women who were rescued from Shan State. Photo: Thai Rath

Front Page: A meeting at a hotel Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai province attended by Foreign Ministry officials, Thai diplomats in Myanmar, provincial officials and Ms. Paveena Hongsakul on cooperating to help Thai human trafficking victims in Myanmar in June this year. Photo: Naewna

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