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Sudarat lashes out at PM over digital wallet project


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THAI SANG THAI leader Sudarat Keyurapan has taken Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin to task over the Pheu Thai-led government’s populist digital wallet project.

Sudarat tweeted on her X page to remark that the prime minister had earlier vowed to not borrow any loan to finance the 10,000-baht digital wallet project for as many as 50 million Thai nationals but he has completely failed to keep his word.

“Despite the fact that the prime minister has earlier pledged to never borrow any loan only to hand it out. That kind of project funding will certainly pass a huge debt burden onto the people in the future. Anybody could just borrow money to hand it out to others and such a policy needs nobody’s administrative ability.

“It is like a cut in the power rates and electric rail fares without restructuring anything,” Sudarat commented.

The Thai Sang Thai leader, a former prominent figure among the rank and file of the Pheu Thai, the core coalition party which had named Srettha for prime minister, said she primarily agreed to the government’s measures to strengthen the local economy and provide for the betterment of the people’s welfare but ultimately disapproved of the “Borrow-Tom-To-Pay-Paul” policy.

The prime minister has recently reconfirmed that the 10,000-baht digital wallet will be provided for as many as 50 million Thais aged 16 years or over for use in the purchase of goods within the boundaries of their home district and within a six-month period beginning next May.

The Thai nationals who may currently earn a minimum of 70,000 baht in monthly income or have a minimum of 500,000 baht in bank deposit will not be entitled to the government’s populist handout campaign.

Nevertheless, these well-to-do Thais will be instead provided an e-refund project under which they may buy a maximum of 50,000 baht in price of merchandise in their home district and in a six-month time and finally have their personal income tax refunded.

Srettha has reassured that the digital wallet project is primarily designed to promote domestic consumption, stimulate the local economy throughout the country and finally boost GDP.


Top: Thai Sang Thai leader Sudarat Keyurapan and Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin.

Front Page: Sudarat Keyurapan giving an interview. Both photos: Thai Rath

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