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Tourists injured after 2 die in van’s tire explosion are all safe


ALL 10 tourists who were injured after a van’s tire exploded while travelling from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son’s Pai district killing two holidaymakers are now in safe condition, Sanook.com said this afternoon (Nov. 11).

The accident occurred at 10 a.m. yesterday when the Chiang Mai-registered van belonging to Prem Pracha Transport Co. Ltd. was taking tourists to Pai via Road Number 1095 when the front left tire suddenly burst with the force sending the vehicle down the roadside and slamming into a tree.

Two tourists died on the spot, a Dutch man and a French woman, while the van’s driver, Mr. Anek Phetma, was taken to the police station for questioning.

Of the 10 tourists who were injured, a Thai woman who was wounded on her face and arm and is undergoing treatment at Mae Taeng Hospital is expected to be discharged tomorrow.

A female foreign tourist who suffered a sprain around her neck has now safely reached Pai.

Of the other eight foreign tourists who were all taken Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital for treatment one is in serious condition with broken wrist and thigh bones, hip fracture and several broken vertebrae but the medical team at this hospital said he is now in safe condition.

The other seven only had minor injuries with most suffering from wounds on their face and arms and will likely be released from hospital tomorrow.

Meanwhile the Land Transport Department office in Chiang Mai said the van had passed vehicle inspection on Sep. 11 and had paid vehicle tax while going at 83 kilometres an hour which is within the legal limit.


Two tourists standing next to the damaged van. Photo: Sanook.com

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