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Ministry rushing to help almost 300 Thais in Myanmar as fighting escalates


THE FOREIGN Ministry is working hard on the repatriation of almost 300 Thais from Laukkai city in Myanmar’s Shan state, just across the border from China, after fighting escalated with a bomb going off near their residence yesterday (Nov. 10), Naewna newspaper said this evening.

Currently there are 293 Thais in this city on the bank of Salween river which forms the border with China with 164 already under the care of Myanmar authorities. Another group of 18 Thais who work at KTV entertainment venue are waiting to join a larger group of 32 Thais.

These three groups will likely be sent back to Thailand soon.

However there is another group of 53 Thais who have been barred by their employers from returning home while 26 others who had previously requested assistance from the embassy cannot now be reached.

“Fighting in this area has become more violent and on Nov.10 a bomb went off near the Thai people’s residence. The Consular Affairs Department called and spoke to them giving them encouragement and their morale improved this morning,” a ministry spokesman said.

The Thai embassy in Yangon  has been continuously asking for permission to enter the area and check on Thais there plus issue travel documents if need be but Myanmar authorities refused both this and other embassies permission for safety reasons.


The area of Laukkai city where the bomb went off yesterday, Nov. 10, 2023. Photo: Naewna

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