Environmental concerns raised over Khao Yai music festival


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

PRIVATE INTEREST GROUPS dealing in tourism at Khao Yai national park today (Nov.12) raised concern over the likelihood of its natural environment and wildlife being considerably spoiled due to an upcoming music festival there.

“We Love Khao Yai” Group, Pak Chong Restaurateurs Group and Khao Yai Tourism Association, among private tourism-related operators, submitted a joint petition to Tourism & Sports Minister Sudawan Wangsupakijkosol calling on the authorities to see to it that Khao Yai wildlife will remain intact from any pollution which may arise due to Big Mountain music festival scheduled for Dec.9 and Dec.10 in the compound of the national park in Pak Chong district of Nakhon Ratchasima.

The petitioners insisted that tons of garbage which might probably be strewn around by next month’s tens of thousands of festival-goers and other tourists be effectively disposed of so as to preserve the natural environment and wildlife of the national park, officially declared as a World Heritage Site.

Meanwhile, the authorities were advised to take stringent measures against the likelihood of many restaurant, resort and other business operators overcharging prices for their food, beverages and services from tourists during the approaching high season as had been the case over the last several years.

They also called on the authorities to arrange road traffic at and around Khao Yai which will likely be critically congested during the two-day annual music festival.


Top, below and Front Page: Scenes from last December’s Big Mountain music festival. Photos:

Last photo: The garbage strewn at the festival ground in 2020. Photo: Matichon

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