Restaurant’s rule for musicians underscores their struggle for survival

AFTER BEING unemployed for over two years due to the Covid pandemic now that the situation is improving with businesses returning to normal it is expected that musicians will start working normally again even if they might not earn as much as they used to, Thansettakij newspaper said today (May 7).

However a Facebook user posted an account of a rule at a restaurant that highlights how musicians are being taken advantage of.

This Facebook user related that the restaurant in question had put up a notice on a new rule for musicians whereby if their tips amount to over 1,500 baht the establishment will deduct half but if it is over 3,000 baht they will not be paid their fee.

He then investigated the origin of this rule, saying “I pieced together some information from the restaurant’s clarification, with the other part being what the musicians who were present at this incident related to have taken place leading to the restaurant issuing this rule.”

The musicians said their band was hired to play at a party in this restaurant attended by the owner and his friends. They played till the agreed upon time ended after which Customer A hired them to continue playing for an agreed fee.

However after finishing playing overtime and upon asking for their fee, Customer B stepped in and said they should not be paid extra because the restaurant had already paid them to play at this party.

While the musicians thought Customer A would tell Customer B he had agreed to pay them extra for playing overtime, Customer A sided with Customer B with the latter then saying, “I don’t agree with charging my friend.”

The party then broke up without the musicians not getting their due extra payment.

The restaurateur had asked the Facebook user to delete this post but he asked for details of what happened leading to this rule being issued. Upon not getting a clear explanation he decided to let it run.


Top: A drummer. Photo: Quinn Dombrowski (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Home Page: Third fret barred G chord, as played by Olivier on his electro-acoustic. Photo: Simon White (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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