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New cyclone forming in Bay of Bengal to bring more rain nationwide

BOTH Thai and Indian meteorological departments issued warnings that a low-pressure cell in the lower Bay of Bengal is intensifying into a cyclone and is expected to move north covering the upper part of this bay during May 7-8, 2022.

Thai weathermen said this cyclone is also strengthening southeasterly winds blowing across the Andaman Sea, Thailand and the Gulf bringing more rain, with isolated heavy showers, across the country.

People in the South were told to beware of severe conditions that may trigger flash floods and overflows.

The stronger winds will lead to waves rising two metres high in the Andaman Sea and one to two metres in the Gulf with this reaching over two metres during thunderstorms. 

All ships were told to proceed with caution and steer clear of thunderstorms.

Meanwhile Indian weathermen too warned that the low-pressure area in southern Andaman Sea and adjoining Bay of Bengal will likely intensify into a cyclonic storm by May 8, India Today said.

They added that the weather system is very likely to move northwestwards and intensify into a depression by the evening of May 7 and further intensify into a cyclonic storm by May 8.

The system is expected to reach the Andhra Pradesh-Odisha shores early next week, and cause heavy rains in the east coast states.


Top: A representational image of a cyclone. File photo PTI and published by India Today 

Home Page: Rain clouds on the Kerala coast. File photo: Jipson Sikhera/TOI, BCCL published by Weather.com

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