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Fierce storm knocks down part of airport’s new building, many roads floods

THE FIERCE summer storm that raged across Bangkok from late afternoon to evening today (Apr. 18) caused the roof and a wall of a new building at Don Muang Airport to collapse while commuters are struggling to get through heavy traffic jams on many flooded roads, Sanook.com and Naewna newspaper said.

The violent storm that struck Don Muang Airport at 4.30 p.m. led to the roof and a wall of the Service Hall building at the recently completed international terminal to collapse. 

Initially there were no reports of any injuries or fatalities with the airport authorities accelerating inspection by engineers to find out in detail why this happened and make the structure safe again.

Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said he had ordered Airports of Thailand’s President Nitinai Sirismatthakarn to urgently investigate the cause of the collapse and set up a committee to thoroughly do so.

Although this building was completed over a year ago it was not put to use because the Covid pandemic has decreased the number of air passengers.

Meanwhile torrential rainstorms continued to lash Bangkok and its vicinities at 6 p.m. today with many commuters reporting badly flooded roads and massive traffic jams through JS100 and Sor Wor Por FM91 radio stations’ Twitter accounts.

The Thai Meteorological Department issued a warning today that a moderate high-pressure system now covers upper Thailand and the South China Sea while southerly and southeasterly winds are prevailing over the upper part of the country where the weather is hot. 

Outbreaks of summer storms are forecast with thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail including lightning strikes likely in the North,  western Northeast, Central, the East, Bangkok and vicinities as well as upper South.  

People should beware of the severe condition and avoid the outdoor, big trees and unsecured billboards. 


The roof and a wall of Don Muang Airport’s new building were torn down by a violent storm today. Photos: Sanook.com

Watch Sor Wor Por FM91 video below:

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