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Pheu Thai pushes Prayut to act on ministers with 2 wives


PHEU Thai Party deputy leader Yutthapong Charasathien today (Jan. 8) challenged Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to take action on some ministers in his cabinet who have two wives, Matichon newspaper said.

The Pheu Thai MP for Maha Sarakham said in being a politician one had to be ethical and urged Prayut to not be indifferent to this issue.

He warned Prayut if did not deal with this matter he would file a no-confidence motion against him.

This arose after Mr. Sittra Biabungkerd, a prominent lawyer and secretary-general of Team Foundation for Youth and Society, revealed yesterday that one of his clients, only identified as Khun Kor, came to consult him about his wife having an affair with a former deputy prime minister.

Yutthapong said as there are many former deputy prime ministers still alive he asked someone close to him to contact Sittra to find out who it was.

Sittra had hinted that it was a deputy prime minister during former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s administration.

However Yingluck had headed a coalition government with both Pheu Thai MPs and those from coalition partners holding ministerial portfolios.

Earlier this morning Sittra said in another Facebook post that Khun Kor had contacted him about his wife having an affair with a deputy prime minister last year.

To support his allegation he had published a screengrab of a chat between the wife and the former deputy prime minister.

The lawyer added that he had helped Khun Kor file for divorce from his wife and also sue the former deputy prime minister for having an affair with another man’s wife.

However Khun Kor has been intimidated and threatened ever since he started the legal action and decided to make this affair public to protect himself and asked him to do so on his behalf.

He also wanted the public to know the behaviour of this former senior minister.


Top and Front Page: Pheu Thai Party deputy leader Yutthapong Charasathien, right, and a masked image of the couple having an affair. Photo: Matichon

Insert: Mr. Sittra Biabungkerd. Photo: Thai Rath

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