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Four dead, one injured at wedding shootout

A MAN torn by jealousy after another man talked to girlfriend, who was a bridesmaid at a wedding in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, shot and seriously wounded him with this triggering a firefight with his father leading to all three as well as another guest being killed, Thai Rath newspaper reported today (Sept. 27, 2020).

Police from Tham Phannara station rushed to the wedding venue in Dusit district where two large marquees had been set up and a band hired to play and entertain the guests.

There they found the bodies of Mr. Arun Phothavorn, 31, who was shot 11 times, Arun’s girlfriend Ms. Darawan Mechai, 24, shot twice. At Tham Phannara Hospital were two more bodies, Mr. Kanchit Somwong, 47, and Mr. Narongrit Thepthong, 32. Kanchit’s son Mr. Sathaphan Somwong, 25, was being treated for a torn lung pierced by a bullet.

Several shells were found at the scene but no pistols with police believing three were used in the shootout, a .38-calibre special, a 9mm and a .22-calibre handguns, but the relatives of those involved had hidden them.

Mr. Kittipong Kongthongkam, 24, a volunteer worker who was one of the guests at the wedding of Mr. Teerayut Nuphat, or Benz, and Ms. Sumintra Tunkrud, or Nam, and was present during the firefight said it started after a man talked to Darawan as she was dancing with Arun and this enraged him.

Arun pulled out a pistol and argued with Darawan on the dance floor but after a while pulled her outside the marquee where fierce argument continued.

Then Sathaphan, who has known Darawan since childhood, came out to intervene but was shot by Arun and fell to the ground. His father, Kanchit, upon seeing his son shot, drew his pistol and a gunfight ensued, leading to all three of them being killed.

Narongrit, the fourth person killed in this firefight, was not involved in the altercation having been hit by a stray bullet.

Police said this is clear case of jealousy leading to killings because Darawan was good looking. Arun had already previously shot dead a policeman and had been bailed out with his case having reached the appeal court with a hearing due shortly.


The wedding party where the shooting took place, above, and the dead couple, Arun and Darawan, below. Photos: Thai Rath



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