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Police warn public cyberbullying can lead to penalty


THE TECHNOLOGY Crime Suppression Division police today (July 22) warned the public there can be consequences for cyberbullying and harassment as both civil and criminal lawsuits could be filed against the perpetrator, Sanook.com said.

This comes as some senators moved to sue those who criticised them online after only 13 out of a total 249 as one senator had resigned voted in favour of Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat for prime minister in the first round of joint House/senate meeting that took place on July 13.

In the second round of voting last Wednesday (July 19) the majority of MPs and senators voted in favour of applying Article 41 of parliamentary regulations that says a motion dropped cannot be resubmitted thus denying  Pita a second chance of being named prime minister.

Pol. Col. Siriwat Deephor, the division’s deputy chief, said with use of social media to express opinion, disseminate information, photos and videos now widespread those who have been mocked and made fun of leading to psychological trauma and tarnished reputation are protected by a law that safeguards their rights.

Cyberbullying suspects face the following charges:

– Posting material that defames another person to a third party in a manner that ruins reputation, leads to ridicule and hate could be considered a defamation offence under Section 326 of the Criminal Code with the penalty being maximum one year imprisonment and/or 20,000 baht fine;

– Posting defamation material in the form of advertisement (shared publicly and accessible by the general public) could be considered an offence under Section 328 of the Criminal Code with the penalty being maximum two years’ imprisonment and/or 200,000 baht fine.

Those who have been ridiculed, bullied or defamed via social media may file a complaint at the local police station all 24 hours a day.


Top and Front Page: Technology Crime Suppression Division Deputy Chief Pol. Col. Siriwat Deephor. Photo: Sanook.com

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