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Pheu Thai urged not to break ranks at Democracy Monument rally


DURING a big rally held at Democracy Monument this evening (July 19) a political activist urged Pheu Thai Party not to break ranks by leaving the coalition forged Move Forward Party and linking up with other parties in setting up a government, Thai Rath newspaper said.

This rally came after a joint House/senate meeting today voted to deny Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat a second chance of being named prime minister while the Constitutional Court also suspended him from performing as MP. Some Move Forward MPs too attended it including Mr. Rangsiman Rome, Ms.Chonthicha Jangrew and Ms. Rakchanok Srinok.

In a fiery speech Mr. Anon Nampha,  a well-known political activist and human rights lawyer, urged Pheu Thai to remember the violent crackdown on red-shirt protesters in 2010 with at least 90 people having died and over 2,000 being injured and that they will be joining hands with coup leader-turned-prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Palang Pracharath leader Prawit Wongsuwan.

“We urge Pheu Thai to stand firm and not betray the people,” he said.

Anon added that he considered today as the first day of a new battle which will lead to “dinosaurs” becoming extinct.

He pointed out that a new generation is growing up and while this year Move Forward got 14 million votes, after four years it will be 20 million votes.

Other political activists too took turns in giving speeches including Mr. Chamnong Noophan, head of the People’s Movement for a Just Society,  Mrs. Sriphrai Nonsee, a leader of Labour Network for People’s Rights and Mr. Seksit Yamsanguansak from the United Front of Thammasat and Demonstration.

The crowd cheered when a man who looks a bit like Move Forward leader Pita got on stage. He questioned why general elections are held when the person chosen by the people to lead the country is denied a chance to do so.

He added that it is just a joke that the country has a democratic system with elections held.


Mr. Anon Nampha giving a speech, first below and Front Page, and other scenes from this evening’s rally. Photos: Thai Rath

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