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Borwornsak: Petition Constitutional Court about denying Pita a second chance


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

LEGAL GURU BORWORNSAK Uwanno today (July 20) suggested the Constitutional Court be petitioned to judge whether a majority of lawmakers may have breached the constitution by denying Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat a second chance of being named prime minister.

Borwornsak advised the Move Forward petition the Constitutional Court to judge whether the contentious rejection by 395 MPs and senators of the renaming of Pita for prime minister during yesterday’s joint House/Senate meeting could possibly have been tantamount to an unconstitutional act since they had obviously upheld parliamentary rules above all clauses of the constitution.

The legal guru, who once headed a constitution-drafting committee, advised the Move Forward may either file such a petition in pursuit of constitutionality and justice via the Office of Ombudsman which is to forward it over to the Constitutional Court or submit it directly to the Constitutional Court.

Borwornsak maintained that the constitution is the country’s supreme law which practically overrules all regulations and customs provided for the legislative branch and would have otherwise allowed Pita to have been named head of a post-election government in a repetitive fashion after he had failed to make it at the first go last week.

Pita was not only denied the second chance to rise to elected premiership but ordered by the Constitutional Court to immediately stop performing as MP pending a court ruling on an MP-disqualifying charge filed by the Election Commission against him for allegedly holding a tiny fragment of shares of a non-operating ITV channel.

The Move Forward executive board is yet to consider lodging such a petition to the Constitutional Court against the questionable resolution of those lawmakers to deny Pita the second chance of being named prime minister.

Though Pita is currently suspended at the court order from acting as an elected lawmaker, he maintains his legal status as a partisan candidate for prime minister who could possibly be named one again.


Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat at yesterday’s House/senate meeting, above, and being hugged by an MP upon having to leave after the Constitutional Court suspended him from performing as MP. Top photo: Thai Rath, Front Page photo: Matichon

Insert: Legal guru Borwornsak Uwanno. Photo: Thai Rath

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