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Move Forward, Pheu Thai to hold final talks on House speaker seat


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE MOVE FORWARD AND PHEU THAI are scheduled to hold final talks on the House Speaker and Deputy House Speaker seats next Wednesday.

Pheu Thai secretary-general Prasert Chanthararuangthong confirmed today (June 23) the negotiators of the largest elected party with a command of 151 MPs and the second largest elected party with 141 MPs will meet and settle the sustained dispute over the presiding posts of the legislative branch at the Pheu Thai party headquarters on June 28.

Results of the upcoming talks between the major coalition partners over such a tussling matter will be made final, official and irreversible, Prasert commented.

Nonetheless, those partisan negotiators had already agreed to leave the House Speaker seat to the Move Forward as the largest elected party in exchange for a couple of Deputy House Speaker seats to be both occupied by the Pheu Thai as the second largest one, according to the Pheu Thai secretary-general.

His comments were made in response to the heated contention and frustrations recently raised by many Pheu Thai MPs over mutual agreements earlier quietly reached by those partisan negotiators, including deputy Pheu Thai leader Bhumtham Wechayachai, known as a right-hand man of de facto party boss/deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Meanwhile, Prasert reconfirmed that both the First Deputy House Speaker and Second Deputy House Speaker seats will definitely be given to the Pheu Thai though the Prachachart which became the third largest coalition partner following the May 14 election may be asking for the latter post.

Given the fact that the Prachachart led by former House speaker Wan Muhammad Noor Matha has only nine MPs on their side, the Second Deputy House Speaker seat should belong to the Pheu Thai with many more MPs alongside the First Deputy House Speaker post, Prasert said.

All elected MPs are tentatively scheduled to convene on July 3 to pick a House speaker and a couple of deputy House speakers and, at a one-week interval, a joint House/Senate session will follow to name and vote Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat for prime minister for whom yea votes from more than half the combined total of 500 MPs and 250 senators or at least 376 votes will be needed.


Top: Images of Move Forward leader/prime minister-designate Pita Limjaroenrat, left, and Pheu Thai leader Chonlanan Srikaew, right, overlaid on the Parliament meeting chamber.

Insert: Pheu Thai secretary-general Prasert Chanthararuangthong.

Front Page: The House speaker’s seat at Parliament. All photos: Thai Rath

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