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All Pheu Thai MPs urged to follow party’s resolution on House Speaker seat


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

PHEU THAI LEADER Chonlanan Srikaew today (June 22) suggested all Pheu Thai MPs abide by their own party’s resolution to endorse the naming of a Move Forward candidate for House Speaker early next month.

Though all 141 MPs of the second largest elected party are primarily free to pick anyone for the top post of the legislative branch, they are all supposed to vote in line with the party’s resolution already made to the extent that the House Speaker post be given away to the Move Forward for being the largest elected party, Chonlanan commented.

In return, the Pheu Thai as the second largest party will occupy a couple of Deputy House Speaker seats, according to the Pheu Thai leader.

Chonlanan advised that none of the Pheu Thai MPs should cast their vote without regard to the party’s resolution, no matter if a Pheu Thai contestant for House Speaker might possibly be named in sheer competition with a Move Forward candidate during the first House meeting tentatively scheduled for July 3.

That referred to a possible scenario in which former deputy House speaker Suchart Tancharoen might be named House Speaker on behalf of the Pheu Thai who could finally either outvote the Move Forward candidate or be outvoted instead.

Only a dozen Pheu Thai MPs, mostly representing northeastern constituencies, openly expressed objection to the party’s resolution and alleged that the Pheu Thai negotiators had been somewhat submissive to the Move Forward counterparts tussling over the House Speaker seat whilst most are believed to choose to vote in line with the party’s resolution, the Pheu Thai leader said.

He downplayed a surprise demand raised by Prachachart leader Wan Muhammad Noor Matha for the second Deputy House Speaker seat to be occupied by a Prachachart MP and maintained that the Pheu Thai be given both Deputy House Speaker seats whilst decidedly leaving the House Speaker post to the Move Forward.


Top and Front Page: Pheu Thai leader Chonlanan Srikaew leading his party’s MPs to register at Parliament this morning, June 22, 2023. Photos: Thai Rath

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