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Activists hold rally to pile pressure on polling agency


ACTIVISTS from various groups joined the human rights watchdog iLaw in holding a rally at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre this evening (June 16) to press the Election Commission to quickly complete verification of MPs-designate, Matichon newspaper said.

Accompanying iLaw’s manager Mr. Yingcheep Atchanont, or Pao, in staging the rally were Mr. Jarupat  Boonpattararaksa, or Phai Dao Din, leader of of the Thalufah (Through the Sky) group and Ms. Patsaravalee Tanakitvibulpon, or Mind.

From 5 p.m. onwards Thalufah followers gradually started assembling at the rally site in front of the centre where a stage was set up with large sign posted behind saying “33 days have passed but the Election Commission has not yet approved the election results.”

Smaller signs saying “Stop obstructing people’s government” were posted around the rally point where tables and chairs were placed for people to give and listen to speeches.

A large blank vinyl banner was also put up for participants to write their messages to the Election Commission.

The rally was heavily controlled by a Pathumwan police team who had spread out all around with some stationed on the skywalk.

Participants were also asked to voice their opinion on the question “If senators vote against the will of the people what should we do?”

The military-designed constitution calls for the naming of a partisan candidate for prime minister to secure yea votes from more than half the combined total of 500 MPs and 250 senators or at least 376 votes.

Some of the participants said “Police and soldiers must stand by the people” and “With a huge budget why do you work slowly?”

One person also related statistics on verification and announcement of election results. In 2001 it only took 17 days to verify the results but this stretched to 45 days in 2019.

Mr. Chokdee Rompruek, or Alek, a musician who fights for democracy, and some of his friends also came to the rally where they sang anti-dictatorship songs. Vendors too showed up to sell food and T-shirts and caps with Move Forward Party logo and images of its leader and prime minister designate Pita Limjaroenrat emblazoned on them while an iLaw stall was selling books, stickers and T-shirts.


The rally at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre this evening, June 16, 2023. Photos: Matichon

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