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Pita rejects senator’s call for a national unity govt


MOVE Forward leader and candidate for prime minister Pita Limjaroenrat today (June 1) rejected Senator Chadej Insawang’s call for a national unity government to be set up pointing out that the eight-partner coalition led by his party had together obtained more than half of the votes cast in the election and the people’s voice had to be respected and a people’s government be set up, Naewna newspaper said.

If people’s voice is not respected and a system is chosen that goes against their wishes as has been constantly the case this then is the starting point of conflict, he warned.

“I understand what Chadej is worried about, no one wants anymore conflicts, but it is by maintaining the system and public opinion that we can end conflicts… I assure you that I am ready to be the prime minister for all people, I am ready to form a people’s government, not just a national unity government,” he said.

Asked about a national unity government likely seeing the inclusion of caretaker prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Palang Pracharath leader Prawit Wongsuwan thus bringing them back to power, Pita replied that this does not depend on individuals as going against what the majority of people want is what sparks conflict.

Asked about Senator Kittisak Ratanawaraha saying the country would go up in flames if he became the prime minister, Pita replied that this not true because if people are respected and a common solution is reached then Thailand would be more prosperous and everyone should work together in the midst of the challenges the world is facing.

This is not just for himself but for maintaining the system for Thailand, he added.

Pita also denied the US is behind the Move Forward Party pointing out that it is the people who were backing him and his party.

Where international relations are concerned, he mentioned that it is necessary to find a balance with the major powers while keeping the interest of the Thai people as the foundation.


Top and Front Page: Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat attending a meeting and talking to the press today, June 1, 2023. Photos: Matichons

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