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Chuwit: Secret coalition deal includes Thaksin’s return


FORMER MP and graft-buster Chuwit Kamolvisit claimed in a Facebook post that a secret deal on setting up a coalition government without Move Forward Party includes a special package on return to Thailand by former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra who has been living in self-exile overseas following the 2006 coup, Matichon newspaper said today (May 28).

This deal which will push Move Forward to the opposition benches has been struck by Pheu Thai with Thaksin seen as the de facto boss, Bhumjaithai with Newin Chidchob as the de facto boss,  Palang Pracharat led by Prawit Wongsuwan, Democrat which has yet to choose a new leader after Jurin Laksanawitsit resigned to take responsibility for poor performance in the May 14 election and Chart Thai Pattana led by Varawut Silpa-archa, he said.

These parties together with the unelected senators will easily get minimum the 376 votes required for a partisan candidate to become the prime minister as under the military-designed constitution the 250 senators join 500 MPs in this voting process, he added.

Green light has been given to this secret formula for forging a coalition government with a special package for Thaksin to return home and the former premier waiting to do so in Singapore, he alleged.

However Chuwit refused to reveal the source of his information, pointing out those participating in the secret talks did not want to be identified.

During election campaigns political parties frequently related their platforms but after the election is over talks are held secretly to hide it from the people, he said.


Top and Front Page: Former MP and graft-buster Chuwit Kamolvisit. Both photos: Matichon

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