Aussie TikTok influencer tests Phuket fruit vendor’s generosity


AUSTRALIAN social media star Luke Erwin shared a short video on TikTok where he tested the generosity of a Phuket vendor by asking for free fruit as he was hungry but did not have any money to pay and was immediately given one, said this afternoon (May 18).

The generous fruit vendor who was stopped by Erwin as he was pushing his cart along a Patong road asked him whether he would like to have a mango, upon getting yes for an answer, he immediately sliced a ripe one, put the pieces in a bag and gave it to him.

Erwin repeatedly asked, “Are you sure no money?” and the vendor insisted it was for free.

The Tiktoker then revealed that this was a test and as the vendor was very kind he offered him a pile of banknotes amounting to 2,000 baht.

However the vendor again insisted on taking 50 baht for the mango he had given him but Erwin put the whole pile of notes into his pocket.

This video clip was viewed by lots of Thais with many commenting that Thai people are mostly kind and generous.


The fruit vendor talking to TikTok influencer Luke Erwin. Photos:

Watch Luke Erwin’s TikTok video:


Showing love to the beautiful people of Thailand 🇹🇭 #thailandtiktok🇹🇭 #thailand #phuket

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