Missing German woman found by a creek in national park forest

A LARGE search team in Phuket found the elderly German woman tourist missing for seven days lying by a creek in a forest within Sirinat National Park today (May, 16), Thai Rath newspaper and Amarin TV said.

Ms. Barbara Elisabeth Monika Glag Lange, 76,  who is said to be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and disappeared from Maikhao Palm Beach Resort at 8 a.m. on May 9, was found at 11.30 a.m. today in a continuing search mounted by this large search team.

Participating in the search were Thalang district officials, policemen from Tourist Police Bureau and Phuket Airport Tourist Assistance Centre and over 40 Sirinat National Park officials who today had split up into three teams in continuing to hunt for her.

Deputy Governor of Phuket Phichet Panaphong got word from one of the teams at 11.30 a.m that they had found her lying by her side next to Huai Sai Khu creek. She was exhausted but still breathing and did not have any wounds on her body.

The spot where she was found is more than 15 kilometres from where she had disappeared.

The team worked out two plans to bring her out from the forest with the first being to send a boat in but this was ruled out because of strong winds. 

They then went by the second plan which was for rescuers to trek there by foot which took two hours.

Her relatives were waiting for her when rescuers finally managed to bring her out of the forest. She was taken to Thalang Hospital for a medical examination.

It was revealed that this is the second time this tourist disappeared with the first time being on May 5 when Phuket Tourist Police were able to track her down in the Ao Por area and brought her back to the hotel by 8 p.m.


Top and first below: Ms. Barbara Elisabeth Monika Glag Lange being carried out of the forest by rescuers. Photos: Thai Rath

Second below: The German tourist and her relative talking to officials before her disappearance. Photo: Amarin TV

Third below: The team that rescued the German tourist. Photo: Amarin TV

Home Page: The German tourist being placed in the ambulance. Photo: Amarin TV

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