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Pheu Thai Chiang Mai chief accepts Move Forward is really strong


THE HEAD of Pheu Thai Party in Chiang Mai this evening (May 14) admitted that Move Forward Party is really strong in the northern province as with 30% of the votes counted, it is leading in seven constituencies while his own party is ahead in three of them, Matichon newspaper said.

Mr. Pichai Lertpong-adisorn, head of Provincial Administrative Organization in Chiang Mai and head of Pheu Thai group in the province, said a party observer monitoring the election result told him that the Move Forward surge is very strong and cannot be resisted but the count is quite close in some constituencies.

A clear direction will only emerge after 50-60% of the votes are counted, he added.

He also said no matter what the outcome he would respect the decision of the majority of the voters as in a democracy the public decides.

Earlier 8.30 p.m. Chiang Mai Governor Mr. Nirat Pongsitthaworn came to the Chiang Mai Election Commission office and was told by Mr. Noppadon Suya, the head of this office, that Move Forward is leading in three constituencies – 1, 2 and 4.

Meanwhile Pheu Thai is leading in six constituencies – 3, 5, 6, 7. 9 and 10. However this is based on votes counted at 191 out of 2,605 polling stations, or just  7.30%.


People in Chiang Mai waiting for the election result with the Move Forward logo at right. Photo: Matichon

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