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Army boosts election day security in southernmost provinces


AFTER insurgents mounted over 30 arson attacks all night till Friday morning in the three southernmost province followed by a bombing, Fourth Army Region Commander Lt.Gen Santi Sakuntanaga today (May 13) ordered strict security during tomorrow’s general election across these three provinces as well as four districts of Songkhla province, Naewna newspaper said this evening.

He warned army units in this area to be careful because insurgents continue to stir up trouble, especially during election period.

The insurgents set fire to more than 30 mobile phone antenna towers and land line poles across Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat by burning tyres. Their aim was to cut off communication.

This was followed by a bombing 500 metres from Ban Tao Poon School in Bannang Sata district, Yala province, in which Sgt. Sommai Natsuebwong was killed while three ranger volunteers were injured with Natthaphon Upata suffering a broken leg, Komin Sathi seriously injured on his face and chin and Porncharoen Yokpooldee suffering a skull fracture.

In stepping up security troops were told to coordinate with village headmen and local leaders in the area, especially in Yala’s Bannang Sata district which is prone to attacks.

Lt.Gen Santi added that the Fourth Army Region will take full care of the people’s lives and property so that they could vote safely tomorrow from morning till it is completed. All soldiers too will be voting as is their duty to do so.


An image of Lt.Gen Santi Sakuntanaga overlaid on a photo of a mobile phone antenna tower ablaze. Credit: Naewna

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