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Pita confident Move Forward will get over 100 MP seats


MOVE FORWARD leader and candidate for prime minister Pita Limjaroenrat is confident his party will get over a 100 MP seats to go by three exit polls that show his camp will likely sweep 32 out of 33 constituencies in Bangkok, Matichon newspaper said this evening (May 14) after the general election ended and vote counting got underway.

Although the exit polls show fewer seats for Move Forward in the Northeast and the North, Pita pointed out his party is leading in many constituencies.

He is confident the official results will be according to the exit polls and his party’s total number of MP seats will surpass a hundred.

If the election outcome is as is trending then Move Forward and Pheu Thai will have enough seats to form a majority government with this being a good sign that change is coming to Thailand, he said.

Asked whether he has held talks with Pheu Thai on forming a coalition government, Pita denied having started these talks but said they could be held from 10 to 11 p.m. onwards tonight.

Asked if parties in the current coalition government could join a new coalition he is looking to form, Pita said it is difficult to talk to those who change their ideology with his party’s stance being clear: “With the uncles, without us! And with us without uncles!”

The two parties in the current coalition government with military background, no matter who the party leader is, will not be in the new coalition, he said, adding if there is really a change in their ideology then they could talk about what their current ideology is.


Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrath campaigning, above, and talking to the press at his party’s headquarters this evening (May 14) after the election ended, Front Page. Top photo: Thai Rath, Front Page photo: Naewna

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