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New highly addictive substance mixed in meth pills: ‘Zero baht’ doctor


A DOCTOR who runs a free clinic in Krabi warned today (Feb. 5) that he has come across methamphetamine pills with a new highly-addictive substance mixed in them that leads to immediate addiction, Naewna newspaper said.

Dr. Somkiat Kijthamachet, owner of Dr. Somkiat Clinic in Mueang Krabi whose is fondly called “Doctor Jaiboon, Zero Baht” (Kind-Hearted Doctor, Zero Baht) and who has been giving free treatment to drug addicts for 30 years which is donated as royal charity warned people to not even try this new type of meth pills.

“The problem I recently encountered was that there is a new substance mixed into meth pills. Those who take it get immediately addicted, and if they don’t get anymore of these pills they will start having muscle ache similar to those addicted to heroin who were previously treated,” he said.

“Clinically it can still be cured but we need the cooperation of patients as well. I would like to warn those thinking of trying it not to do so because the toxicity of these drugs is becoming increasingly serious.”

The new type of meth pills cause more damage to nerves than the previous varieties with this leading to greater brain damage. If the drug addicts are not treated they start hallucinating and hurting people around them.

Dr. Somkiat mentioned that he is a member of Chula Alumni Association in Krabi which has a project to solve drug addiction problem. If patients do not have enough money to travel to the clinic, this is also covered to ensure that they have easy access to treatment.

If the patient is so heavily addicted thus cannot come to the clinic, the relatives are told to send a video clip and based on that medication is prescribed. When they are better they are urged to come and see him.

“The problem I have come across  is that after drug addicts are cured they get re-addicted due to stress at being jobless and lacking skills to get a job,” he said.

National and provincial authorities were urged to educate or give professional training to recovered drug addicts which would decrease the total number of drug users, he added.


Dr. Somkiat Kijthamachet, top, and his clinic in Krabi, Front Page. Photos: Naewna

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