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Former deputy premier Yongyuth denies committing adultery


WITH new details emerging about an affair between the wife of a prominent lawyer’s client and a former deputy prime minister, Mr. Yongyuth Wichaidit, who formerly held this senior political position as well as was a former interior minister, came out to deny that it was him, Matichon newspaper said today (Jan. 9).

Mr. Sittra Biabungkerd, the lawyer revealing details about this affair who is also secretary-general of Team Foundation for Youth and Society, had hinted that the former deputy premier was linked to the interior ministry, liked playing golf but not Alpine golf course and became a member of Pheu Thai Party in 2008 but left in 2018.

Sittra added that this affair with the wife of his client, Khun Kor, started last year.

Today Yongyuth said he already knew all the details about these allegations and is now in the process of handling the issue.

He also urged the Pheu Thai Party to expel Sittra from the party as he is one of the members.

“All that took place, I confirm it was not me, with there being many former deputy prime ministers,” he said.

Sittra, whose law firm is on South Sathorn road, said Khun Kor had consulted him about his wife, who worked at a five-star hotel and whose attitude had changed, which led to him checking her mobile phone where he saw text messages between her and the former deputy prime minister and a nude photo of the two of them, Naewna newspaper said.

Khun Kor later said he felt sorry for his wife over her affair with the former deputy prime minister whose first name initial is “Yor Yak” but she refused to divorce him.

Sittra advised him that this is not a criminal case but is a civil one and he could file for compensation from both his wife and the former deputy prime minister at the Central Juvenile and Family Court.

This lawsuit was then submitted in December 2022 and a hearing is scheduled for next March.

Sittra also said that after Khun Kor found out about the affair the former deputy premier tried to distance himself from his wife and moved to sue his wife for swindling him and asked for the return of his assets.

The three of them then met at Bang Yi Khan police station to negotiate but just then a group of men showed up there and threatened his client and followed him home and threatened him there too.

This led to his client deciding to make the case public to protect himself.

Sittra added that he had complained about this issue to a senior police officer and mentioned that Khun Kor had no other enemies aside from this former deputy prime minister.

He also said that he is not revealing the senior politician’s name nor the political party as they had to protect themselves.


Top: Former deputy prime minister Yongyuth Wichaidit, right, and a masked image of the couple involved in an affair on a mobile phone, left. Photo: Matichon

Front Page: Lawyer Sittra Biabungkerd, left, and the compromising mobile phone photo, right. Photo: Naewna

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