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People’s Party lottery launched at lively event

A BIT HIT at the vivacious activity of the Thammasat Alliance and Rally and Mob Fest  held this evening (Dec. 1o) at the October 14 Memorial is a stall where “The People’s Lottery” is being given out for donations with there being only 2475 copies available and this harkening to the 1932 (2475 Buddhist Era) revolution that ended absolute monarchy, Sanook.com reported.

There was a long queue to get a copy of this lottery from the stall which is one of numerous others that cropped on the sidewalks from this memorial all the way to the Democracy Monument. Aside from food, a lot of other symbolic merchandise were being sold including yellow ducks and T-shirts.

Printed on the lottery, dated today December 10, 2020, is that it has been created for democracy with the first prize being democracy for the country.

Also stated is the consolation prize and that is Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha stepping down. There are also three other prizes which will be paid to all citizens with these being “good quality of life for Thai people.”

Of course no real prizes are being given out; this lottery being specially created as a memorial of this movement.


A copy of the People’s Party lottery. Thai headline says, “People’s Lottery.” Photos: Sanook.com

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