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Fracas erupts as guards try to dismantle barbed wire

THE WeVo group of volunteer guards had a run-in with the police this afternoon (Dec. 10) as they moved in to dismantle rolls of barbed wire at Theves intersection but quickly withdrew when told to do so by their leader, Thai Rath newspaper reported.

The WeVo group leader Toto Piyarat Jongthep had announced on Facebook that his group was to move in and remove the barbed wire at this intersection today.

He mentioned that he had told the police his group would be going in today to remove a one-metre stretch of the barbed wire.

However when they showed up policemen refused to let them do so and scuffles broke out with there being some pushing and shoving between the two sides, which led to shops in the area quickly pulling down their shutters.

However a little later Toto told his men to withdraw and they quickly walked down a nearby alley and split up and went in different directions.

Police then reopen the intersection to normal traffic flow.


Top: The WeVo volunteer guards walk down an alley near Theves intersection after scuffling with the police today. Photo: Thai Rath

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