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Big hunt for drug suspect who escaped from police station


A BIG team of policemen accompanied by their dogs are hunting for a drug suspect who managed to escape from Phanom Thuan police station in Kanchanaburi province two days ago and is still at large, TV Channel 7 said.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Thanayuth Wutticharathamrong, commander of the Provincial Police Region 7, and Pol. Maj. Gen. Pairoj Khumphai, head of Kanchanaburi provincial police, held a meeting with 60 police investigators and Border Patrol Police officers to work out a strategy in chasing Mr. Saksit Nongkum, or Phet, 20, who faces charges of possession of type 1 drug (heroin) for sale.

The drug suspect fled from this police station while Pol.Sen.Sgt.Maj.Srirat Chot-ngam was on duty. 

The policeman had taken the suspect out of the cell to further question him before taking him for judicial custody at Kanchanaburi Provincial Court.

The handcuffed suspect had asked to drink water from a dispenser in front of the interrogation room and dashed out from the rear of the police station while Pol.Sen.Sgt.Maj.Srirat was distracted leaving a pair of slippers behind.

Pol. Col. Amnat Iamchaidee, chief of this station, had mobilised his men to hunt for the suspect but two days have passed and he has still not been found.

The large police team has split up to search for the suspect at six houses where his parents and close relatives live in Bo Phloi and Phanom Thuan districts. 

Meanwhile Border Patrol Police got their dogs to sniff the suspect’s slippers and chase him.


Kanchanaburi policemen being instructed on chasing the drug escapee (inset). The Thai headline says, “Rallying to hunt the suspect – heroin trader escapes jail.”

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