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Drug dealer escapes police dragnet

POLICE in southern Songkhla province are hunting for a drug trafficker who escaped after being lured into selling methamphetamine and crystal methamphetamine (Ice) to an undercover agent upon realizing at the last minute that he was falling into a trap, Thai Rath newspaper reported this morning (Jan. 16).

At midnight last night a team of policemen from Singha Nakhon station laid in wait at a junction in Sathing Mo sub-district where a detective drove up and got out of his car to buy the drugs from this dealer.

However the dealer, later identified as Mr. Thanasak Chiwasaro who was formerly known as Mr. Jongrak Cheewasar, at the last moment worked out that the buyer was a policeman and fired six shots from his pistol without injuring anyone and escaped into the rice field, leaving a Toyota Camry sedan behind.

Police gave chase and encircled the area but because it was dark and there are fish ponds in this area, they have yet to catch him.

Later forensic officers combed the area and lifted the suspect’s fingerprints from the sedan with a background check showing that he is a major drug dealer who has just been released from jail. The Camry sedan belongs to his sister.

They also found six shells of an 11mm pistol in a fish pond.

An arrest warrant is now out for the suspect on the charges of selling category one narcotics (methamphetamine) and Ice, possession of firearm and ammunition without permission and attempting to kill police officers while performing their duty.


Top: The suspect, left, and the white sedan he left behind. Photo: Thai Rath

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