Neurologist worried about Covid-infected tots getting seizures


A PEDIATRIC neurologist said in a Facebook post today (Dec. 3) that over the past two weeks more Covid-infected children have been hospitalised and worryingly many of them get seizures after doing so, TV Channel 7 said.

Dr. Kulset Sakphichaisakul, a specialist in neurology and epilepsy at Queen Sirikit National Institute of Child Health’s Pediatrics-Neurology Division, said he is consulted every week about children suffering brain problems after catching Covid.

Importantly, most of the children who get seizures are under five years of age with none older than that reported to him in this round.

The youngest patient was a two-month-old baby who got seizures on the first and fourth day of illness. 

Another one-year-old child had continuous seizures necessitating endotracheal intubation but brain scans showed it was normal, he said, adding it was fortunate that the seizures were not strong.

After assessing the cause of the seizures it seemed they were linked to Covid but not as severe as during March-April this year.

This round the children all returned home safely.

Dr. Kulset added that the link between Covid and brain symptoms in children is something new with the cause of some seizures not clearly deductible and this development has to be followed.

He advised doctors and pediatricians to give patients having seizures the anticonvulsant drug Diazepam no more than two times as the anticonvulsant effect will decrease but the side effects increase and give the medication as soon as possible.

He recommended that children be given Pfizer red cap vaccine jabs as soon as possible with this having very little side effects. Moreover children younger than five years risk developing more serious illness and getting complications.

Dr. Kulset added that this is just his personal observation from past work and is not an opinion of any organisation.


Top: A Nakornping Hospital doctor taking care of Covid-infected baby. Photo: Thai Rath

Front Page: A child putting on a face mask. Photo: iStock and published by The Economic Times

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