Chadchart urges residents to get booster shot after Covid count climbs


BANGKOK Governor Chadchart Sittipunt urged residents in the capital to get their Covid-19 booster shot as the number of people getting infected has almost doubled over the past 10 days, Matichon newspaper said today (Dec. 1).

Two Covid patients in the capital died and both of them were not vaccinated, indicating that those who were vaccinated over four months ago should get their booster shot, he said.

Bangkok currently has stocked up enough medicines and vaccines and has also opened a weekend vaccination centre at the Bangkok Youth Centre (Thai-Japanese stadium) in Din Daeng district.

There are also vaccination stations at various public health centres with this listed at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) website, he added.

Meanwhile Deputy Bangkok Governor Dr. Thawida Kamolvej said while the number of people infected with Covid has almost doubled over the past 10 days, most seem to have mild symptoms and were being treated on an outpatient basis. Around 100 to 200 have been admitted to hospital.

“This is why BMA has to prepare enough medicines and make it convenient for those infected to pick it up. Such as undergoing a test and getting the medicine themselves or sending their relatives to do so for them,”she said.

Patients can get the medicine from all BMA’s 69 public health centres and hospitals in its network. They can also coordinate for a bed at these hospitals.

Those needing a booster shot as their last jab was over four months ago could book one through the QueQ application or walk into all 11 hospitals in BMA’s network or 69 health stations. The weekend vaccination service will be closed at the end of Jan. 2023.


Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt. Top photo: Matichon, Front Page photo: Thai Rath

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