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New look Bang Pho pier reopens on Dec. 23


BANGKOK’S Bang Pho pier which is connected to the MRT Blue Line is scheduled to reopen on Dec. 23 after being expanded and upgraded to a smart facility, Matichon newspaper said today (Dec. 1).

Deputy Transport Minister Atirat Rattanase inspected the new look pier today with this project being part of a strategy to make commuting by river safe and seamless plus linking up road-rail-river transport.

He mentioned that Bang Pho pier is located close to various transport routes and aside from being connected to MRT Blue Line’s Bang Pho station it also abuts Pracharat Sai 1 road which continues to Samsen and Pracharat Sai 2 roads and this would support the expansion of communities in this area.

Contemporary architecture was used to expand this pier from 250 square metres to 1,370 sqm and it can now accommodate an average of 2,170 commuters a day compared to 158 previously.

Around 98% of the construction work has been completed and the smart pier is scheduled to reopen on Dec. 23.


Bang Pho pier looks beautiful after being expanded and upgraded to a smart facility. Photos: Matichon

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