Pair of loyal Labs save worker’s life


PROVING that dogs are indeed man’s best friend were two Labrador Retrievers who alerted their owner with their loud and long barking that her worker had collapsed thus saving his life, said this evening (Nov. 6).

Facebook user Silaphan Pansorn wrote about her two faithful Labs, Pfizer and Extra, who barked incessantly for five to 10 minutes after her worker, who gets spasms from time to time, fell and fainted in the backyard with no one around to help him.

“This is just an example, accidents occur all the time and one occurred in our house on Nov. 1 at around 4 p.m. when a worker fell upon getting convulsions and fainted (a disorder from an accident that led to him getting spasms from time to time). He had gone to clean the backyard when he blacked out with no one around.

“Fortunately I heard Pfizer and Extra barking unusually loudly for five to 10 minutes so went to have a look and saw that my worker had fainted. I quickly gave him first aid and called for an ambulance just in time,” she wrote.

She added that she would like to thank her two Labs for saving her worker’s life, while pointing out that if they weren’t chained in a cage they would have run up and taken someone there to help him.

“Pfizer and Extra are nine months old while my worker is now safely under the care of doctors in the hospital who are watching his symptoms,” she added.


Pfizer and Extra and the spot where the worker had fainted. The Thai headline says, “Heroic dogs.” Photo:

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