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Meghan Markle: Sister Samantha’s book full of wild claims

Meghan Markle’s sister Samantha has released her much-anticipated tell-all book — and it’s filled with wild assertions about her estranged half-sibling.

The Duchess has not dignified the publication of The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister: Part 1 with a comment, but a friend told Vanity Fair it had has “barely registered on her radar”.

Meghan has not seen Samantha for years so the idea that she is worried about the book is nonsense,” said the friend. “Meghan barely knows Samantha, they haven’t seen each other for nearly 20 years.”

It’s clear 56-year-old Samantha has an axe to grind, but she’s never been shy to reveal what she knows — or believes.

We took a look at some of the weirdest claims from the sister of one of the world’s most famous women:

Samantha claims Meghan tried to make their father disown her: I said, ‘Dad, what did you mean by the fact that she was not nice on the phone, but when Harry was in the room she was nicer?” He said, “It’s more than that.” With a cold yet sorrowful pause, he continued reluctantly, “She said “Dad, you don’t need Babe [Samantha’s nickname] and Tom [her brother]. You don’t need them!”, to which he replied, “You’re asking me to disown my kids? I can’t do that! I love you all equally. I’m not disowning my kids. That’s crazy. I am not gonna do that. You can’t ask me to do that!”. And then in a dismissive tone, she said abruptly, “Then I have nothing more to say. We have nothing more to talk about.”

Samantha claims Meghan is a spoiled ghoster: The Urban Dictionary grew a bit when it added the phrase “being Meghan Markle’d”. It states that, “Meghan Markle is a verb for ghosting or disposing of people once you have no use or benefit from them, without regard to genuine human relationship.” As I read that, it felt tragically funny being the first born Markle under my father, and having also been, “Meghan Markle’d” by my sister. What all of these men had in common, including my father, was that they were all normally handsome, successful, and had spoiled my sister. I doubted they could have foreseen that they would all be feeling similarly, on the day of this historical royal wedding. Watching the sermon in the church, and feeling that my sister turned a deaf ear to the message of it, made me realize that, if religion didn’t work to compel her to feel love, gratitude, and compassion for our father and family, then it seemed unlikely that anything would.

Samantha claims Meghan tried to make her dad walk out on a school play: I was surprised to find out that after all of the hard work my father had put into helping to create amazing productions for Immaculate Heart High School, Meg would be demanding with Dad. The production of “Damn Yankees” relied on him, and because of a disagreement that Meg had with someone, she was insisting that my father “walk out on the production.” My dad couldn’t do that, because he was a professional, he cared about the faculty and staff, and he’d made a commitment. I didn’t understand how she couldn’t see that, she wouldn’t be doing the show without Dad, and there was no sign of gratitude from her whatsoever. Because he would not “comply” with her, she refused to talk to him for a couple of weeks and went to stay with her mother. Something changed in her. I knew that teenagers go through personality changes, but I didn’t think she would be so mean to our father. At that time, she did a little video with her friends, claiming that “she was not getting along with Dad.”

Samantha hoped Meghan would grow out of her claimed “control issues”: I loved her, and wanted her to spread her wings, and be happy. I thought she would naturally outgrow what seemed like the beginning of having control issues. Pushing margins and learning how to interact with others is a normal part of growing up. I didn’t think Meg really knew how great and blessed her life was, but I hoped that she would, someday. She had the best of everything from the first day of her life on, and Dad paid for most of it. It didn’t really matter who paid for it, but Dad was passionate about giving her everything she wanted and needed.

Samantha claims Meghan was not grateful for her internship: I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Meg was calling me during her internship in Argentina. Dad paid a hefty fee for her to participate in the month long program, that Uncle Mike had given her a letter of recommendation for. The first thing I heard her say was, “Oh my God, Babe! You’re not gonna believe this! I’m in the most amazing penthouse that they put me up in, it’s like being royalty or something … I get to be a go-between for foreign dignitaries and the media here, like a media liaison.” … Sadly, though, amidst all of her excitement, I never heard her express gratitude to Dad or Uncle Mike for the experience, but I figured maybe she would after she got back to the United States, and everything settled down.

Samantha claims Meghan stuffed her bra: She was cast as a “briefcase girl,” on the Hollywood game show Deal or No Deal … I thought Meg looked fantastic, but the first thing I thought was “They must’ve stuffed her bra.” I knew there was tape up under there, or something, because she was not that busty. I was wondering if she had a “boob job,” or if it was just “Hollywood magic” but it looked great. It just wasn’t the Meg that I knew … I asked her how things were going, and she said, “OK,” but she didn’t seem very happy. I could tell that she felt somewhat objectified, because she was in a short red dress, and was made to look busty … Meg really had a professional attitude, even though it was only a “stepping stone” to other jobs. She expressed to me that she felt odd, because most of the girls were Maxim models, and she would never insult them, but she knew that she wanted more of an intellectual challenge.

Samantha claims Meghan was too hung up on titles: I said, “Dad, what exactly did she say?” “Not a whole lot, she just said, Daddy, I met a prince.” What astounded me about that, was that she didn’t say, “I met an amazing man.” She said, “I met a Prince.” It seemed that the title was the most important thing to her. I think when most people call their parents after meeting a new love interest, they open the conversation by saying, “I met the most incredible man or woman I’ve ever met in my life,” and “He or she is perfect for me.” “We have so much in common.”

Samantha claims Meghan hung up on her after she started dating Harry: I called and heard her say, “Hello,” I said. “Meg, it’s me.” I heard some commotion in the background that sounded like Doria, and then the phone went dead. I called my dad and said, “What is going on? I just tried calling Meg. I know she would not hang up on me, but it seemed like she did or Doria did.” Dad said, “I don’t know, what is wrong with them, I don’t know what’s going on.” I said, “I already had her phone number, and I had spoken with her a year prior. She was very nice, so I don’t know why she would hang up, or if she did, it is just the weirdest thing. It was very rude,” I said. “Well, Dad if she calls you, just let her know I’m here, and I understand she’s really busy, but that made no sense at all. I know she’s overwhelmed, but I couldn’t imagine what happened, unless people were bombarding her front door, and she had to hang up.”

Samantha claims Meghan dissed her anonymously via a chatroom: During the same week, even though I didn’t look in tabloid chat rooms, I got curious and noticed that there was an individual being particularly vile, and challenging me in a very personal way. Somehow this “individual” got my email address, and although I didn’t want to wallow in the gutter with trolls, this email had a very personal and direct tone to it. The individual addressed me as “Babe” which was not yet knowledge in the media. I was curious and willing to be open, to see what this person had to say and why he or she was feeling so inappropriately malicious. The emailed opened with, “In his heart-of hearts, Babe, Dad only has one daughter, and it’s not you.” I knew this was an incredibly competitive and jealous voice, lashing out in the email. This person was malicious and wanted to stretch out and somehow gouge me a bit. This person clearly wanted to be the center of attention, and because of the way it was phrased, I couldn’t help but wonder if my sister was on the keyboard. I was the first born to my father and was in no mood to play childish competitive games with a stranger, but I thought that most likely, I was not sparring with a stranger. “In his heart of hearts”, was a phrase that my sister had used in “The Tig” [her lifestyle site].

Samantha claims Meghan’s extended family were upset about the wedding: Out of respect and traditional inclusion of family, Meg could have mailed invitations, whether the family could attend or not. I wouldn’t complain but it was reported that more than 300 invitations would go out to complete strangers in the public. It was glaring that the issue was not a matter of inviting people based on how close they were or were not, because strangers were not close at all. Because of that, it was even more hurtful, that neither the Raglands or the Markles were invited to the wedding. This was an incredible insult to our family, who had peers, and colleagues, and friends in our communities, criticizing us for not receiving an invitation. Uncles, cousins, everyone in the family, and even people on the fringe of the family, who had no business expecting invitations, were questioning why they not been invited … The absence of the invitation was as socially stigmatizing as a “Scarlet Letter.”

Samantha claims Meghan has changed: I had heard that my sister’s voice was kind and sweet, when Harry was in the room or nearby, but when he was not, she was cold and coercive. I started to realize that somewhere along the line, she had changed, and she was not the same person she was before, especially to Dad. I found myself constantly having to separate the sister that I loved with all my heart, and the sister that I loathed with all my heart. It would have been much more comfortable to be on an ancient torture stretch rack.

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