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Condo owner fined over 140,000 baht for keeping a pet in the unit


GOING viral on Thai social media today (August 14) is a condo owner being ordered by court to pay a fine of 141,500 baht to the juristic person for keeping a pet in the unit in violation of the regulations, said.

Drawing attention to this case was PropCons web page which runs stories on real estate and investment.

According to the verdict by Southern Bangkok Civil Court published on this web page the defendant was ordered to pay 141,500 baht plus 5% interest on the principal amounting to 140,000 baht from the date the lawsuit was filed, December 8, 2021, until the plaintiff receives the full sum.

The defendant was also ordered to pay 500 baht a day for maintenance of common areas from the filing date onwards till January 24, 2022 and on to February 19, 2022.

Moreover the defendant has to pay the plaintiff’s lawyer with the fee set at 5,000 baht.

The defendant was ordered to abide by the regulations of this condominium’s juristic person with Article 20 (5) prohibiting all kinds of animals inside the condominium and/or within the area of the condominium. According to Rule 1, item 9.2 it is forbidden to keep all kinds of animals, such as those that create a nuisance and frighten people,  in the condominium or the condominium area.

That this article is being widely shared online is because at present many condominiums  are facing a problem of co-owners smuggling pets into the building in violation of the rules.

This case then is an example of the type of lawsuit they could face for doing so.


Top: A no pets allowed sign overlaid on an image of a condominium complex. Photo:

Front Page: A no pets allowed sign, but fortunately collies can’t read. Photo: Chris  (CC BY 2.0) 

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