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Owner carries dead pet dog to report attack by 3 Rottweilers

THE heart-broken owner of a six-year-old Thai Bangkaew dog carried his body to Krabi police station to report an attack by three Rottweilers after he ran out to help a cat that they were chasing, Thai Rath newspaper reported today (21.9.2020).

Ms. Ruthairat Wongviwat, 38, said the attack took place on Saturday afternoon (Sept.19) while she was working at a resort in Ao Nang district.

CCTV camera footage shows that three Rottweilers, owned by a foreigner, has run up to the front of her bungalow to attack a cat sleeping there. The cat ran to the back of the bungalow and the three fierce dogs followed her there. At this point her pet, named Daxter, ran out to help the cat.

CCTV clip showed that the three Rottweilers mauled Daxter for several minutes with another frame then showing him walking back with blood all over his body and lying down behind the counter.

When Ruthairat returned in the evening, Daxter was dead.

She now wants the foreign owner of the Rottweilers to take responsibility for Daxter’s death.


Top: Ruthairat carrying Daxter’s body to the police station.

Below: Daxter’s funeral. Photos: Thai Rath


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