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Royal Irrigation Department admits building road in the middle of rice fields


AMID an outcry from Yasothon province villagers that a road had been built in the middle of their rice fields that does not connect any villages and leads to a dead-end with the solar lights damaging their paddy crops, the Royal Irrigation Department yesterday (Nov. 29) admitted that it was their project, Sanook.com said today.

Mr. Wittawat Wantaneeekul, director of the Chilang and Sebai Lang water delivery and maintenance project, Office of the Royal Irrigation Department 7, Ubon Ratchathani province, clarified that this paved road was built in Fa Yat subdistrict, Maha Chana Chai district, over an old dilapidated one with the aim of helping farmers transport their goods to the closest community or city.

He added that the road would benefit three villages in the area and that six such roads are to be built in Yasothon with a budget of 48 million baht and similar roads are going to be built all over the country.

Earlier villagers in the area had complained that the five-metre wide, 1,800- metre long road running adjacent to a canal in their rice fields and reaching a dead-end at more rice fields had 30 solar light poles on it with the light damaging their paddy crops and it was not known which agency built it. 

They had spotted a sign seemingly posted by the Yasothon Rural Roads Office however this agency later denied having posted the sign saying it was a fake one with real ones always having the agency’s stamp at the rear.

Moreover it had never installed solar cell lighting on any of its projects.

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Mr. Adul Wandee, director of  the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) office in this province, who had inspected the baffling road held talks with Wittawat who said he would submit documents for him to check.

Adul confirmed that he would carefully examine both the procurement and the budget papers  along with asking the Royal Irrigation Department to clarify this matter as soon as possible because the villagers are interested in this project, especially non-government organisations (NGOs) who are helping them monitor it, and will proceed with the next step. 


The perplexing road running through rice fields and reaching a dead-end at more rice fields. The Thai headline says, “Deadend.” Photos: Sanook.com


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