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Loser in Nayok Or Bor Tor election hangs himself


A CANDIDATE in the Nayok Or Bor Tor (head of the Subdistrict Administrative Organisation) election at Trat province’s Huang Nam Khao subdistrict hanged himself at a seaside bungalow after losing the race by just 52 votes, Siam Rath newspaper and Sanook.cm said today (Nov. 30) 

Pol. Lt. Col. Sittachai Saisorn, duty officer at Ao Cho police station, was alerted of the suicide at 5.30 p.m. yesterday and rushed to the bungalow with a Trat Hospital duty doctor and provincial rescuers.

At the scene they found that Mr. Suthat Panchakul, 62, a candidate to head the Or Bor Tor at Huang Nam Khao subdistrict, had used his belt to hang himself from the front verandah roof beam.

Upon bringing down the body and examining it they initially found that there were no signs of physical abuse with there being a suicide note in his shirt pocket. The bungalow too had not been broken into.

In this note the deceased left some instructions to his children and grandchildren and ended it by saying, “unfair election.”

Mr. Jetsada Kittiyasak, a village headman and the deceased man’s son-in-law, testified to the police that he got stressed out after he lost the election and then disappeared. They searched for him and found him hanging in front of the bungalow.

In this electoral race the winner, Mr. Thaworn Thawilwong, had got 842 votes while the deceased 790 votes, losing by just 52 votes.


The seaside bungalow where the deceased Nayok Or Bor Tor candidate was found hanged to death. Photos: Siam Rath


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