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Baffling road to nowhere built in the middle of rice fields 


NORTHEASTERN YASOTHON province residents are perplexed at the construction of a road along an irrigation canal in the middle of rice fields that leads to nowhere with no government agency claiming responsibility for having built it, Amarin TV said today (Nov. 27).

Mr. Adul Wandee, director of  the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) office in this province, together with other officials today inspected the paved road with solar light system installed that cuts through rice fields at Ban Muet village, Fa Yat subdistrict, Maha Chana Chai district.

Villagers had complained that this road running through their rice fields is not linking any villages and reaches a deadend in the middle of more rice fields. More importantly the solar cell street lights, which are not needed because it is running through these fields, harms the paddy crop.

An inspection revealed that this road is 1,700 metres long and has over 30 solar cell street lights.

While it was not known which agency built the road, a sign there was seemingly posted by the Yasothon Rural Roads Office. However this agency later denied having posted this sign saying it was a fake one with real ones always having the agency’s stamp at the rear. Moreover it had never installed solar cell lighting on any of its projects.

Meanwhile Fa Yat Subdistrict Administrative Organization also denied that they built the road while adding that they did not know who did so because no agency had applied for permission to do so.

Likewise the Royal Irrigation Department offfice in Yasothorn denied it was their project.

Mr. Politsanit Boonsom, the headman of Ban Muet village, said he did not know which agency built the road having only seen a contractor come in with his crew three months ago and quickly completing the project in 20-30 days’ time.

Another villager Mr. Thong Nakchairat said that this road was of no use to them and was a waste of state budget. It had now turned into a place teenagers gather at night for motorcycle races.

Adul said his office will continue investigating to find out who built this useless road and determine whether state budget had been properly used.


The road to nowhere that cuts through Yasothon rice fields and is now only being used by teen motorcycle racers. Photos: Amarin TV


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