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Mysterious plastic plaque shows up at Sanam Luang

AFTER THE removal of the second Khana Rasadorn plaque from Sanam Luang last night, with it not yet know who dug it out and whether it has been destroyed, at 2 p.m. this afternoon (Sept. 21) a plastic copy of the same plaque was placed at the same spot, Siam Rath newspaper reported.

The plastic copy has now been removed by Sanam Luang staff who have kept it at a resting tent.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s (BMA’s) City Planning Department said it will assign officials to take care of the plastic plaque at a storage facility and return it to the person who placed it there because it is considered to be private property.

If no one comes to claim it within 24 hours, it will be submitted to the police to find the owner.

Meanwhile Mr. Parit Chivarak, or Penguin, said he was not surprised that the 2020 Khana Rasadorn plaque was removed in the middle of last night, but he believed this plaque has been planted in the hearts of demonstrators who joined the huge protest over the weekend.

A digital file of the plaque will be distributed to the demonstrators so that they could cast it again and install it at various places.

He plans to place copies of the 2020  Khana Rasadorn plaque at various important places in this city.

The 2020 plaque is similar to the one installed by Khana Rasadorn at the Royal Plaza in 1932 after the revolution they mounted had ended absolute monarchy and brought in constitutional monarchy.

However Khana Rasadorn’s plaque disappeared in April 2017 and was replaced with an ultraroyalist plaque.


The mysterious plastic plaque that appeared at the very spot where the demonstrators had installed the missing 2020 Khana Rasadorn plaque early yesterday morning. Photos: Siam Rath

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