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A policewoman kills ex-girlfriend at temple

AN IMMIGRATION policewoman who shot dead another woman with whom she had previously had a relationship at a temple where monks were taking alms early this morning (Sept. 21) has surrendered in her provincial home Suphan Buri where she had fled, Sanook.com reported.

Pol.L/C. Siriwan (surname withheld), 37, told police at Si Prachan station in Suphan Buri where her family had brought her in to surrender that she had previously lived together with Ms. Linlada (surname withheld), 39, on online trader, at the police flat.

However they later started quarreling frequently and this led to the Linlada demanding the assets she had given her back, even threatening to report her to her supervisor if she did not do so.

The two women agreed last Saturday to meet tomorrow when the policewoman would give back the assets,  but instead she followed her to Wat Nimmanoradee temple in Phasi Charoen district where the deceased regularly went to give alms to the monks in the morning and shot her dead.

Police had questioned Linlada’s housekeeper, Ms. Maneerat, 52, who was with her at the temple but she said although she saw the incident, she did not know the motive for the killing of her employer and she could not make out whether it was a man or woman who had shot her dead.

Meanwhile Mr. Noentri, a motorcycle cabbie at the temple, told police that although he did not witness the murder, temple boys had told him that a furious argument had broken out between the two of them and then the killer pulled the neck of the deceased and shot her dead. This occurred while monks were waiting to take alms in front of the temple.

Top: The scene of the murder this morning with an image of Pol.L/C. Siriwan inset. Thai headline says, “policewoman is the killer.” Photo: Sanook.com

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