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Teen tourists use kidnapped dog to pay restaurant bill

AFTER two days of heartache the owner of a Siberian Husky dog named Kluay Cherm that had been kidnapped by a group of Bangkok teenagers while driving back from a holiday at Khao Koh in Petchabun province and given to a restaurateur to settle a food bill was happily reunited with her beloved pet, Sanook.com reported this morning (July 30, 2020).

Ms. Chutchani Kongmuang said in a Facebook post the kidnapped dog was one of two Siberian Huskies she owned and they lived at a wood shop behind Big C hypermarket in Phetchabun city.

However on Monday July 27 a while after she had release the two dogs to run around the front yard, only one returned, that is Kluay Charp. She ran around looking for the missing dog, that was wearing a collar with a steel tag with its name and her phone number on it,  and checked the clips from CCTV cameras nearby but there was not trace of how it had disappeared.

She posted a notice on Faceboook offering 5,000 baht reward to anyone returning her pet. Her uncle Mr. Krit Kongmuang, the new governor of this province, also helped spread the word about the missing dog online

It was two days later that Mr. Paiboon Noikhamee, 69, owner of Khun Kung’s restaurant at Bueng Sam Phan district, which is around a hundred kilometres away from the wood shop, called and returned the dog.

He said in the evening of July 27 a group of six to seven teenagers drove up in a black pickup truck but he could not remember the licence plate number.

After eating they called for the bill which was over 2,000 baht. The teenagers asked whether he would take a beautiful dog in lieu of cash to settle the bill. Upon seeing the Siberian Husky he agreed because he loved dogs and they drove off.

The teenagers had told him that their relative had given the dog to them but they could not keep her at their hostel in Bangkok.

He added that his wife had scolded him upon returning and finding out what happened, pointing out that the dog was probably stolen from the owner.

Ms Chutchani told the dognappers police are tracking them down via CCTV cameras on various routes to prosecute and set an example to the others. However if they get the news and call her she would forgive them but they have to do this quickly before police catch them.


Top: Kluay Cherm who was kidnapped on Monday and was very happy to be returned to its owner. Thai headline says, “paying for food with a dog.”

Below: Ms. Chutchani with Kluay Cherm at her home in Petchaboon province. Photos: Sanook.com

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