Popular website says fake medical certificates offered for sale


THE widely-followed website Panda Lab Doctor highlighted the sale of fake medical certificates by a Twitter account holder with samples and customer reviews also posted, said this morning (August 31).

Mr. Pakphum Dejhassadin, a medical technologist who runs the popular Panda Lab Doctor website, said he was stunned by this scam and asked, “Are they really selling fakes like this?”

He mentioned that those selling these fake medical certificates said the following in their post, “Medical certificates, if interested, enquire by Line or on the profile page, a lot of credit.”

According to Thai law issuing a medical certificate without a checkup or issuing it without authorisation is a criminal offence with both the contractor and the contractee guilty of using forged documents.  Under Criminal Code sections 264 and 268 offenders are liable to maximum three years in jail and/or 60,000 baht fine.


Images of fake medical certificates offered for sale online. Photo:

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