Daily Covid tally again soars to 9,326, 10 cases in Phuket


THE Public Health Ministry said early this morning (July 10) that the daily total of coronavirus cases surged to 9,326 over the past 24 hours while Phuket authorities revealed that 10 cases emerged on the island yesterday just days after the launch of the Sandbox scheme, Thai Rath newspaper said.

There were also 91 additional deaths over the past day, with this being another record-breaking total.

Of today’s new batch of cases, 9,134 emerged among the general public while 192 fell sick in prisons and detention centres.

This takes the cumulative confirmed total in the current wave that began on April 1 to 297,969.

Meanwhile Dr. Kukiat Kukiatkul, Phuket’s public health doctor, told a meeting of the provincial Communicable Disease Control Committee chaired by Deputy Governor Mr. Pichet Panaphong that 10 new Covid cases were confirmed on the island as of 3 p.m. yesterday with this being the highest total in a number of days, also ever since the launch of the Phuket Sandbox scheme, when the count has been in single digit.

He added that the coronavirus situation on the island is still unreliable as new cases are emerging outside local quarantine facilities with most of them being travellers coming in from other areas. 

Regarding infection by the Delta (Indian) strain, Dr. Kukiat said one case of this variant emerged on the island five days ago and this patient has been hospitalised.

On the spread of the Delta strain in Bangkok and its vicinity, the doctor said on average 32% of the patients got infected with this variant . However in Bangkok itself it is 70%.

Phuket also has four cases of Beta (South African) variant with all of them having come to the island from the four southern provinces. However the authorities have quarantined all those who had close contact with them.

Regarding the one coronavirus-infected foreign tourist who came to the island under the Sandbox programme, this person has been hospitalised while one other person who had close contact with him has been placed in Alternative Local State Quarantine ( ALSQ). Thirteen others have requested to return home.

Phuket authorities underscored that while Thailand will take care of people coming in from overseas they will not get any special privileges and are on the same footing as infected Thais.


Top: Phuket in the pre-coronavirus days. 

Home Page: A tourist enjoying an eread on a Phuket beach. Both photos: Dennis Sylvester Hurd

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