Celebrity medical technician picks holes in restaurant reopening plan

A POPULAR medical technician who goes by the name Doctor Lab Panda said in a Facebook post today (Aug. 28) the tough requirements for people to dine at restaurants after Covid curbs are eased on September 1 mean this policy is unlikely to work at the initial stage, said.

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) executive committee stated that restaurant customers have to either have received two Covid jabs or show a negative antigen test certificate dated no longer than seven days.

On this Mr. Pakpoom Dejhasadin, who is better known as Doctor Lab Panda, said this plan may not work in the beginning because currently only around 7 million people in this country have received both jabs with many people having not even got their first jab.

As for the antigen test, this is still expensive, he pointed out.

As he calculates on the assumption that a test costs 350 baht, with this much money being enough to buy a lot of food for one day, a family of five that has to undergo this test every seven days would be spending 350 x 5 = 1,750 baht a week.

Testing  four times a month takes the bill to 7,000 baht, which is in fact enough to comfortably buy food for the whole family for a month.

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However in the long run when almost the whole country is vaccinated and the price of antigen test kits come down this strategy would work.

He also pointed out that some countries are able to implement this strategy because they are distributing these test kits free of charge.

Earlier the Public Health Ministry said there were 17,984 coronavirus cases and 292 deaths over the past 24 hours with 17,660 being among the general public and 324 in prisons and detention centres.

The cumulative confirmed total since the start of the pandemic has now reached 1,157,555 and in the current wave 1,128,692.

The 292 additional deaths raised the death toll to 10,879.

Another 20,535 patients have been cured taking total recoveries in the ongoing wave to 936,893 while 182,357 patients are still undergoing treatment.


Top: Two small restaurants. Photo: Francisco Anzola (CC BY 2.0)

Top: An attractive restaurant at night. Photo: Minkey8885(CC BY-SA 2.0)


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