Doctor warns brides against pinning ears back with glue

A NEW dimension in pre-wedding preparation that is confusing netizens is that some make-up artists are now using glue to pin back prominent ears of a bride for her big day with popular Doctor Panda Lab web page sternly warning against this practice, Amarin TV reported today (Nov. 22, 2020).

In the video clip that is spreading in the Thai social media a pre-wedding make-up artist is squeezing Elephant brand glue to the back of a bride’s ear to tuck them in.

However Mr. Pakphum Dejhassadin, a medical technologist and owner of the popular Doctor Panda Lab page, strongly warned against using this beauty technique.

“There is a clip, a customer has prominent ears, so the pre-wedding beautician applies Elephant brand glue at the rear of the ear and skin right behind it. We use Elephant brand glue to attach various materials, right? But this person used it to glue the ears and stop them from protruding, hahahahah,” he wrote.

Mr. Pakphum added that this brand of glue is made of a chemical in the cyanoacrylate group and has fast-drying properties. This is why it was used to make a glue that will stick various materials together for a long time.

However it is absolutely forbidden to touch it directly because it can cause irritation. Moreover if inhaled, it can irritate the respiratory tissues and even inflame them.


A bride-to-be getting her ears glued back. Thai headline in the above photo says, “solving the problem of protruding ears.” Photos: Amarin TV





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